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Consulting Services

In addition to its published market research products, Finaccord is also able to offer research-based, tactical consulting services on a worldwide basis. Drawing on the experience of its international team of consultants and working in close partnership with the client, Finaccord delivers accurate, insightful results across a range of topics. Typical areas of consulting work include:

  • Recent Assignment

    On behalf of an international insurer intent on building its position in the global travel insurance market, Finaccord leveraged its detailed knowledge of this sector to estimate the market shares in travel insurance of competing underwriters at both a global level and within major regions.

  • Recent Assignment

    Responding to the needs of a leading management consultancy, Finaccord was able to take advantage of its extensive in-house datasets to quantify the shares of both traditional and alternative (including affinity / corporate partner) distribution channels across a range of insurance product types in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK.

  • Recent Assignment

    Working in tandem with one of the world’s top management consulting firms, Finaccord assisted it with due diligence concerning the Italian market for mobile phone insurance not only by means of its published market and consumer research reports about this subject but also via extensive ‘after-sales’ support in relation to specific questions arising from those reports.

  • Recent Assignment

    Leveraging its unrivalled understanding of how commercial lines insurance markets segment by industry sector and client size, as well as by product class, Finaccord generated a detailed segmentation of commercial non-life insurance premiums in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK for one of the world’s top insurance groups.

  • Recent Assignment

    A UK-based non-life insurer was seeking to strengthen its links with key intermediaries by providing intelligence to them in respect of opportunities in specific mid-corporate insurance markets in the UK; Finaccord was able to assist it by generating insights about both particular business sectors and regions.

  • Recent Assignment

    Quantifying under-researched (or unresearched) insurance segments is one of Finaccord’s core capabilities hence when a regular client approached it with a need to understand the current and future outlook of the market for insurance for retirement communities in the UK, it was able to help it in rapid time by adapting its model of the UK commercial lines insurance sector.

  • Recent Assignment

    Selected as a result of its long-standing knowledge of finance, insurance, warranty and assistance (F&I) products in the automotive sector, Finaccord delivered a detailed comparison of GAP insurance products offered by leading automotive finance captives in Europe for the benefit of an international insurer with an interest in this sector.

  • Recent Assignment

    Aware of its expertise in affinity and corporate partner marketing of financial services in the UK, a Spain-based assistance firm selected Finaccord to construct a similar analysis of the Spanish market with coverage of ten insurance and warranty products across a range of distributor categories including airlines, automotive clubs, banking institutions, consumer product manufacturers, online aggregators, retailers and utilities.


Finaccord has more than ten years of experience of designing both single-country and multi-country B2C and B2B surveys covering topics in insurance and other financial services worldwide. We also use a variety of techniques to analyse the results to produce insightful and actionable conclusions. As such, we have built up long-standing expertise in best practice as it applies to survey design and analysis, cognisant of the need to optimise the construction of question and answer options, plus questionnaire routing, in order to generate data that is as accurate and usable as possible. This manifests itself both in our published Consumer Intelligence studies and bespoke surveys commissioned by clients. If you would like Finaccord to assist you with survey design and analysis, please do not hesitate to get in touch on



Finaccord’s market sizing tool, Market/View, provides Australia’s most comprehensive commercial insurance market overview with 55,000 individual data points of analysis. The tool is built from 2 million individual data points of input, including Aon’s proprietary premium data and a myriad of third party data sources, and reviewed by Aon brokers and leading insurance carriers.

Market/View will provide you with detailed insights into the volume of premium by product, industry, client size and/or territory according to risk appetite / segmentation. Through the tool you will be able to obtain a better understanding of the characteristics of particular market segments, identify attractive segments for investment, and follow emerging trends and their impact on performance. Market/View provides insights on the size of the Australian commercial insurance market segmented by 24 products, 19 industries, eight states and territories, and five client size segments.


The market sizing methodology is based on a breadth of information sources, including:

  • Proprietary Aon placement data – two million data points used to analyse buying behaviour and average premium spend by segment.
  • Third party data – a wide range of third party datasets including ABS, ATO, APRA, NCPD, Finaccord.
  • Aon broker and carrier insights – Insights and output validation from Aon brokers and the largest Australian Commercial carriers.
  • Finaccord algorithms – proprietary algorithms built through linking a wide range of data sources.

Finaccord would be delighted to assist directly with any queries about Market/View and its contents.

For more information, please get in touch directly with the following contacts:

Alan Leach, Director, Finaccord
+44 20 7086 0100
Tobias Schneider, Manager, Lead Consultant